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  Beetle Juice!

 Beetle Juice!

 Beetle Juice!



Certified Premium Registered C2560

   Heavily Moon Spotted


Marbled Eyes

Triple Gene


We are sadden to announce that Ichabod came to us Caprine Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) Positive. Unfortunately because of this, we had to make the humane decision to euthanize him. CL is a highly contagious disease caused from a bug called Corynebactrium Pseudotubercolsis.  Ichabod lived with his best friend Eli. We had to put Eli down as well.  Due to this tragedy we have learned to NEVER purchase from a breeder that does not have a CL Negative heard. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all of you to do the same as you develop your herd.  We have decided to retain one of Ichabod's amazing bucks to continue as our heard sire.

These two amazing bucks will be missed and we were honored to have them the short time that we did and look forward to watching their next generation thrive and produce beautiful and healthy kids.

FORTUNATELY, through this extremely heart wrenching time, our Does have tested NEGATIVE for CL after multiple testings. All kids will be sent home with documentation that they are negative for CL.


        Bar T Ranch Ichabod Crane



Certified Premium Registered c0769

Black with multiple cream brown and grey moon spots

Brown Eyes

Nanny's Kids in Paradise Farm Elijah



 Certified Premium Registered CP-86236-P

     Blue and White


Blue Eyes