Misty Meadows Myotonics

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Kids have arrived and are posted on our 2017 kids page.  If  you are interested please contact us for more information.  Right now all our kids have deposits that are pending be first on the list if they should happen to become available.  We can also breed does for fall kids by request.  Please contact us if you want guaranteed October kids. 

We are also retiring a couple young breeding does to good PET/SHOW homes only.  Please contact us for more information and pictures.  Thank you to all of our fantastic 2016 spring and fall kid buyers.  We are so proud of the kids we raise and the high quality homes they get.


                       Misty Meadows Myotonics

Misty Meadows is a 10 acre farm located in Holly Michigan. Misty Meadows Myotonics constantly strives to raise quality "fainting" goats. We are a CL tested negative farm. Our goats are raised with love and lots of social interaction. Our kids are exposed to different animals (horses, chickens, dogs, etc.) as well as children handling them from early on. They are very comfortable with humans of all ages! It is always hard to let our kids go to their homes but we are confident that the homes we choose for them are the best!  Please feel free to contact us for more information or pictures.  We will be consistently updating the site with more pictures and new kids as we have one more doe still ready to kid out any day now.  Look forward to hearing from our new customers as well as our previous family of buyers. 

                          Raising Quality Fainting Goats


                    Watch a great video of Denise fainting!


Please note that we do not sell our kids as a single goat family you must have another goat at home or purchase two they are herd animals and need to be with another goat.