Misty Meadows Myotonics

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             Sanes Creek Care Bear

We love our Care Bear! She is disbudded and has blue eyes.

                     Misty Meadows Trouble

Does Trouble look familiar? She was the first doe ever born at Misty Meadows. She is Polled and has Amber eyes.

Trouble is available for sale to the right pet/show home only.


                       Sugar Run Ranch Paddywampas



Paddy is polled with beautiful blue eyes and a dorsal stripe.

  Paddy was bred to Beetle Juice kids are coming SOON!


                            Sanes Creek Ranch Harvest Moon

Moon is disbudded and has bright blue eyes with a dorsal stripe and a moon spot.  Moon is bred to Beetle Juice for 2017 spring kids arriving SOON. 

Apologize she is shedding out her winter coat in this picture.

                  Sugar Run Ranch Pumpkin


She and Paddy are sisters. Although Pumpkin has brown eyes, she does carry the blue eye gene, she is also polled.

Pumpkin is available for sale to a show/pet home only.